The Adventures of the Piņa Family

Welcome to the Camping With Lobo website!

Thank you for visiting our site.  The Piña Family consists of Dad (Kevin), Mom (Alison), and teens, Heather and Travis.  We have been camping since the kids were 3 and 4 years of age.  Now, they are in high school!

Camping trips started as tent adventures to the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains, where we spent several weekends per year.  We acquired our first travel trailer in the late 1990's and upgraded a few times into the rig we now have, a 35-foot Sandpiper.

Dad is a public high school English teacher and Mom is a self-employed housecleaner, so the family has spent the past few summers traveling the country and exploring the heritage of the United States for the first month of our break.  After we return home, we pull our trailer up into the Eldorado National Forest and boondock for another three weeks or so.

We love our dogs and started our trailer camping days with our beloved wolf-hybrid named Dixie (aka Lobo).  Tragically, we lost Lobo on Oct. 23, 2008, when she suffered a stroke.  Her memory will always remain with our family; we loved her with all of our hearts and will NEVER forget her.  However, we realized that if we were to "save" our remaining wolf-hybrid, Tahoe, from a broken heart then we would need an addition.  Thus, we welcomed Sierra into our lives!  She is still a pup, a white shepard/husky/wolf cross (check her out on the pics page), and will make her first camping trip with us for Thanksgiving 2008.  Our camping adventures just would not be complete without our dogs.  We always travel with them, as well as our cute calico cat, Tie-Dye, and our Maine Coon cat, Katie.  During boondocking trips, we bring along our pigeon, Rocky.

We hope you sign our guest book and enjoy the photos and features of our website.

 // The Piña Family


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